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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Series: Messner - Julian Messner, INC., New York

This is NOT a list of books for sale. It is a list of titles and series to use as a reference.

Julian Messner - This publishing company is not as well known as other children's history series. They were first published it the 1940's & 1950's and reprinted in various editions in the 1960's. The list of biographies is large, covering people of history who are sometimes not mentioned often. Excellent reading for approx. ages 10 & up, grades 6 & up. My daughter prefers these over Landmarks.

This book is titled Ralph J. Bunche, Fighter For Peace by J. Alvin Kugelmass, c1963 Julian Messner Inc. -- cloth cover has the "JM" logo on the front.

This is the title page of the book pictured above -- look for the black circle with "J M", and also look for "Julian Messner, Inc." on the bottom of the title page. One other place you might find it is on the back cover and it will say "Certified Messner Edition". You'll find these in various edition with different covers: plain cloth, pictorial, and library rebound.

Abe Lincoln's Other Mother, The Story of Sarah B. Lincoln - Bailey, Bernadine  
Abraham Lincoln - Nolan, Jeannette Covert  
Admiral Byrd of Antarctica - Gladych, Michael
African Firebrand, Kenyatta of Kenya - Archer, Jules
Albert Einstein - Bradbury, Pamela Zanin
Alice Fitzgerald, Nurse Around the World - Noble, Iris  
Amelia Earhart , Heroine of the Skies - Garst, Shannon  
America's First Trained Nurse, Linda Richards - Baker, Rachel
America's First Woman Astronomer, Maria Mitchell - Baker, Rachel and Merlen, Joanna B.  
America's First Woman Chemist, Ellen Richards - Douty, Esther M.
Andrew Jackson - Nolan, Jeannette C. 
Angel of Appalachia, Martha Berry - Myers, Elisabeth P.
Angel of Mercy, The Story of Dorothea Lynde Dix - Baker, Rachel 
Angry Abolitionist, The Story of William Lloyd Garrison - Archer, Jules
Annie Oakley - Garst, Shannon  

Behind the Silken Curtain, The Story of Townsend Harris - Levine, I. E.  
Belle Boyd, Secret Agent - Nolan, Jeannette C.  
Benedict Arnold, Traitor to His Country - Nolan, Jeanettte C.  
Big Foot Wallace of the Texas Rangers - Garst, Shannon  
Black Women of Valor - Burt, Olive W.  
Booker T. Washington , Educator of Hand, Head and Heart - Graham, Shirley  
Bret Harte of the Old West -  Harlow, Alvin Fay  
Brigham Young - Burt, Olive W.  
Broken Hand Fitzpatrick, Greatest of Mountain Men - Garst, Shannon  
Buffalo Bill - Garst, Shannon  
Cameras and Courage, Margaret Bourke White - Noble, Iris \
Casey Stengel: Baseball's Greatest Manager - Schoor, Gene  
Chaim Weizmann, Builder of a Nation - Baker, Rachel  
Champion of World Peace, Dag Hammarskjold - Levine, I. E.  
Charlemagne - Komroff, Manuel  
Christy Mathewson: Baseball's Greatest Pitcher - Schoor, Gene  
Chief Joseph of the Nez Perces - Garst, Shannon  
Clarence Darrow Defense Attorney - Noble, Iris  
Cochise, Great Apache Chief - Johnson, Enid  
Commander of the Flying Tigers, Claire Chennault - Archibald, Joe  
Conquerer of Small Pox, Dr. Edward Jenner - Levine, I.E.  
Contemporary Woman Scientists of America - Noble, Iris  
Copernicus - Thomas, Henry  
Courage in Her Hands - Noble, Iris  
Courage of Doctor Lister (The) - Noble, Iris  
Cowboy Artist, Charles M. Russell - Garst, Shannon  
Curtain Going Up, The Story of Katharine Cornell - Malvern, Gladys  
Custer, Fighter of the Plains - Garst, Shannon  
Dancing Star, The Story of Anna Pavlova - Malvern, Gladys  
Dick Wootton, Trailblazer of Raton Pass - Garst, Shannon  
Disaster 1906, The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire - Dolan, Jr., Edward F.  
Discoverer of Insulin, Dr. Frederick G. Banting (The) - Levine, I.E.  
Disraeli - Komroff, Manuel  
Doctor who Dared ,William Osler (The) - Noble, Iris  
Dolley Madison - Nolan, Jeanette C.  
Douglas MacArthur, Front-line General - Archer, Jules  
Dr. George Washington Carver, Scientist - Graham, Shirley & Lipscomb, George D.  
Dr. Morton, Pioneer in the Use of Ether - Baker, Rachel  
Edith Cavell, Heroic Nurse - Elkon, Juliette  
Edna St. Vincent Millay, America's Best Loved Poet - Shafter, Toby  
Egypt's Queen - Nobel, Iris  
Electrical Genius, Nikola Tesla - Beckhard , Arthur J.  
Electronics Pioneer, Lee DeForest - Levine, I.E.  
Emmeline and Her Daughters: The Pankhurst Suffragettes - Noble, Iris  
Empress of all Russia, Catherine the Great - Noble, Iris  
Ernest Thompson Seton , Naturalist - Garst, Shannon and Warren  
Father Junipero Serra - Bolton, Ivy  
Fighter for Independence, Jawaharlal Nehru - Apsler, Alfred  
Fighting Journalist: Horace Greeley -  
First Woman Ambulance Surgeon, Emily Barringer (The) - Noble, Iris  
First Woman Doctor, The Story of Elizabeth Blackwell, M.D. (The) - Baker, Rachel  
First Woman Editor, Sarah J. Hale - Burt, Olive  
Florence Nightingale - Nolan, Jeannette Covert  
Francis Marion, Swamp Fox of the Revolution - Williams, Beryl & Epstein, Samuel  
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Man of Destiny - Weingast, David E.  
Frederick Law Olmstead, Park Designer - Noble, Iris  
Frontier Hero: Simon Kenton - Garst, Shannon  
Frontier Nurse, Mary Breckinridge - Wilkie, Katherine E. & Moseley, Elizabeth R.  
Galileo, First Observer of Marvellous Things - Levinger, Elma Ehrlich  
Gay Poet, the Story of Eugene Field (The ) - Nolan, Jeanette C.  
Gene Rhodes, Cowboy - Day, B. F.  
George Patton , General in Spurs - Hatch, Alden  
George Rogers Clark, Soldier & Hero - Nolan, Jeanette C.  
Ghost Towns of the West - Burt, Olive W.  
Glenn Curtiss, Pioneer of Naval Aviation - Hatch, Alden  
Goethals and the Panama Canal - Fast, Howard  
Great Houdini , Magician Extraordinary - Williams, Beryl & Epstein, Samuel  
Great Lady of the Theatre, Sarah Bernhardt - Noble, Iris  
Harry S. Truman, the Man from Independence - Farley, Karin Clafford  
Haym Solomon, Son of Liberty - Fast, Howard  
He Freed the Minds of Men, Rene Descartes - Hoyt, Edwin P.  
He Heard America Sing, The Story of Stephen Foster - Purdy, Claire Lee  
Henry Ford - Caldwell, Cy  
Honor of Balboa (The) - Noble, Iris  
Hoosier City, The Story of Indianapolis - Nolan, Jeannette C.  
Indestructible Commodore Matthew Perry (The) - Orrmont, Arthur  
Interpol, International Crime Fighter - Noble, Iris  
Inventive Wizard, George Westinghouse - Levine, I.E.  
Iron Chancellor, Otto Von Bismarck - Apsler, Alfred  
Isaac Newton - Sootin, Henry  
Israel's Golda Meir, Pioneer to Prime Minister - Noble, Iris  
Jack Dempsey Story (The) - Schoor, Gene  
Jack London, Magnet for Adventure - Garst, Shannon  
James Fenimore Cooper - Proudfit, Isabel  
James Whitcomb Riley, Hoosier Poet - Nolan, Jeannette C.  
Jedediah Smith, Fur Trapper of the Old West - Burt, Olive W.  
Jim Thorpe Story: America's Greatest Athlete (The) - Schoor, Gene  
Joe Magarac and His U. S. A. Citizen Papers -Shapiro, Irwin  
Joe Meek, Man of the West - Garst, Shannon  
John Brown - Nolan, Jeannette C.  
John Charles Fremont, Trail Marker of the Old West - Burt, Olive 
John Henry and the Double-Jointed Steam Drill - Shapiro, Irwin 
Joseph Pulitzer Front Page Pioneer - Noble, Iris  
Julius Caesar - Komroff, Manuel  
Kit Carson, Trailblazer and Scout - Garst,Shannon  
Labor's Advocate Eugene V. Debs - Noble, Iris  
Land Divided The World United, The Story of the Panama Canal (The ) - Rink, Paul  
LaSalle and the Grand Enterprise - Nolan, Jeanette C.  
Lenin, The Man Who Made A Revolution - Levine, I. E.  
Leo Durocher Story (The) - Schoor, Gene  
Lillian Wald, Angel of Henry Street - Epstein, Beryl  
Little Giant, Stephen A. Douglas (The ) - Nolan, Jeanette C.  
Louis Braille, Windows for the Blind - Kugelmass, J. Alvin  
Louis Pasteur - Wood, L. N.  
Luther Burbank, Plant Magician - Beaty, John Y.  
Mahmud's Story, the Journal of a Palestinian Refugee - Noble, Iris  
Man of Steel, Joseph Stalin - Archer, Jules  
Many Faces of Slavery (The) - Levine, I. E.  
Many Worlds of Herbert Hoover (The) - Terzian, James P.  
Marco Polo - Komroff, Manuel  
Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, Pioneers of Oregon - Daugherty, James  
Marie Antoinette - Komroff, Mauel & Komroff, Odette  
Master Detective, Allan Pinkerton - Orrmont, Arthur  
Master Surgeon, John Hunter - Noble, Iris  
Medicine from Microbes, The Story of Antibiotics - Williams, Beryl & Epstein, Samuel  
Mendeleyev & His Periodic Table - Mc Kowan, Robin  
Miracle Man of Printing, Ottmar Mergenthaler - Levine, I.E.  
Napoleon - Komroff, Manuel  
Nazi Hunter, Simon Wiesenthal  
Negroes in the Early West - Burt, Olive W.  
Nellie Bly First Woman Reporter - Noble, Iris  
Noah Webster, Father of the Dictionary - Proudfit, Isabel  
Nurse Around the World, Alice Fitzgerald - Noble, Iris  
O. Henry, The Story of William Sydney Porter - Nolan, Jeannette C.  
Oliver Cromwell - Levine, I.E.  
Paul Robeson, Citizen of the World - Graham, Shirley  
Pee Wee Reese Story (The) - Schoor, Gene  
Physician to the Children, Dr. Bela Schick - Noble, Iris  
Physician to the World, Esther Pohl Lovejoy - Burt, Olive W.  
Pioneer Oceanographer, Alexander Agassiz - Williams, Beryl & Epstein, Samuel  
Pioneer Surgeon, Dr. Ephraim McDowell - Rich, Josephine  
Plant Explorer, David Fairchild - Beryl Williams and Samuel Epstein 
Ralph Bunche, Fighter for Peace - Kugelmass , J.  
Red Grange: Football's Greatest Halfback - Schoor, Gene  
Rivals in Parliament: William Pitt and Charles Fox - Noble, Iris  
River-Boy: The Story of Mark Twain - Proudfit, Isabel  
Roald Amundsen, A Saga of the Polar Seas - Kugelmass, J. Alvin  
Robert E. Lee - Emery, Guy  
Rocket Pioneers on the Road to Space - Williams, Beryl & Epstein, Samuel  
Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys - Rasky, Frank  
Rudyard Kipling, Son of Empire - Braddy, Nella  
Sam Houston, Lone Star Leader - Bishop, Curtis 
Scotty Allen, King of the Dog Team Drivers - Garst, Shannon  
She Lived for Science, Irene Joliot-Curie - McKown, Robin  
Shot Heard Round the World, the Story of Lexington and Concord (The) - Nolan, Jeanette C.  
Sigmund Freud - Baker, Rachel  
Sitting Bull, Champion of His People - Garst, Shannon  
Soldier, Statesman and Defendant, Aaron Burr - Nolan, Jeanette C.  
Song of the North, The Story of Edvard Grieg - Purdy, Claire Lee  
Spain's Golden Queen Isabella - Iris Noble  
Spokesman for the Free World, Adlai E. Stevenson - Levine, I.E  
Spy for the Confederacy, Rosie O'Neal - Nolan, Jeanette C.  
Stan Musical Story (The) - Schoor, Gene  
Stormy Victory, The Story of Tchaikovsky - Purdy, Claire Lee  
Story of Clara Barton of the Red Cross (The) - Nolan, Jeanette C.  
Story of Phyllis Wheatley (The) - Graham, Shirley  
Story of Ty Cobb: Baseball's Greatest Player, (The) - Schoor, Gene  
Sun King, Louis XIV (The) - Apsler, Alfred  
Susan B. Anthony - Noble, Iris  
Talleyrand - Manuel Komroff  
Tecumseh, Destiny's Warrior - Cooke, David C.  
Ted Williams Story (The) - Schoor, Gene   
Thaddeus Lowe, America's One-Man Air Corps - Hoehling, Mary  
Thomas Jefferson - Komroff, Manuel  
Three Conquistadors: Cortes, Coronado, Pizarro - Garst, Shannon  
To Heaven on Horseback, the Story of Narcissa Whitman - Cranston, Paul  
Treason at the Point - Nolan, Jeanette C.  
Treasure Hunter, The Story of Robert Louis Stevenson (The) - Proudfit, Isabel  
Twentieth Century Caesar, Benito Mussolini - Archer, Jules  
Valiant Minstrel, The Story of Sir Harry Lauder - Malvern, Gladys 
Valiant Virginian , Stonewall Jackson (The ) - Sutton, Felix
Vive de Gaulle, The Story of Charles de Gaulle  Alfred Apsler
Voice of the People, William Jennings Bryan (The) - Kosner, Alice  
Walt Whitman, Builder for America - Deutsch, Babette  
Walter Reed, Doctor in Uniform - Wood, L. N.  
Warrior on Two Continents, Thaddeus Kosciuszko - Abodaher, David J. 
Wild Bill Hickok - Garst, Shannon with Warren Garst  
Will Rogers, Immortal Cowboy - Garst, Shannon  
William Bent and His Adobe Empire - Garst, Shannon  
William Crawford Gorgas, Tropic Fever Fighter - Williams, Beryl & Epstein, Samuel  
William Shakespeare - Noble, Iris  
Winged Moccasins, The Story of Sacajawea - Farnsworth, Frances Joyce
Women Who Ruled, Cleopatra to Elizabeth II - Liston,Robert A.
World Citizen, Woodrow Wilson - Archer, Jules  
Yankee Spy, Elizabeth Van Lew - Nolan, Jeannette C.  
Yankee Thunder, The Legendary Life of Davy Crockett - Shapiro, Irwin
Young Ike - Hatch, Alden
Young Man in the White House, John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Levin, I. E.
Your Most Humble Servant, The Story of Benjamin Banneker - Graham, Shirley
Zambia's President, Kenneth Kaunda - Polatnick, Florence T. and Saletan, Alberta L.